In less than 10 minutes, schools and non-profits can create a custom campaign page that describes the park field trip and fundraising need.  

Once your project request is live, the Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association will promote the projects to outdoor industry companies as well as other sectors – driving support for local projects and helping get tens of thousands of kids to parks. One the project is listed, schools and non-profits can also share their custom fundraising page with their networks to generate more support.

From here:

  1. Register on the site and then set up a project profile.  Please be sure to complete all steps and provide the following information:
    • # of kids
    • School name
    • Project descriptions (Long and short)
    • Information on the type of park/public land that is being visited
    • Location information that will allow your project to show up on the Google map - Step 3 (Media)
    • Photo and other media (Photo is required)
  2. Share your unique program fundraising link with your networks - local support is a great way to get the fundraising started!
  3. The Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association will promote and fundraise for your project in addition to your local efforts.
  4. Once the fundraising goal is met, funds will be released within 30 days after requested documentation is received.

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