Groundwork Richmond Green Team – Next Generation Stewards

by Groundwork Richmond
Activity Type: Stewardship
Region: Pacific West

• Creates a youth Green Team to revitalize the community while providing environmental education for participants.

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Our work is a diversity and inclusion strategy generating qualified applicants for public land agencies from traditionally underserved populations, engendering a workforce that reflects the nation.  

Groundwork Richmond is "Changing Places, Changing Lives" by revitalizing the built environment in Richmond, California with local youth participants defining and conducting targeted stewardship activities.

We employ an education model that trains our Green Team to raise the community’s awareness around the NPS, healthy outdoor lifestyles, climate change, air quality and urban forests. This model engages youth through project-based learning opportunities that integrate citywide reforestation and other climate resiliency work with STEM education.  

Local projects ground our learning program.  The education outcomes of those projects are maximized by the outdoor rec and career awareness offered through our NPS partners to provide understanding of the issues impacting Richmond.

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Richmond, CA