O. K. Adcock Elementary School - Las Vegas, NV

by Ivan Levin
Activity Type: Other
Region: Pacific West

This project educates Las Vegas' Hispanic youth about the area's national parks, encouraging them to "Encuentra Tu Parque)!

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The Secretary recently named Las Vegas as a priority city for the DOI Youth Initiative with the goal of introducing the urban community to the park to play, learn, serve and work. Nearly 30% of the community is Hispanic or Latino. Through this project, we will develop Encuentra Tu Parque (Find Your Park) messages to educate Las Vegas’ Hispanic youth about the area’s national parks.

Messages will include what a park is; how the youth can play, learn, serve and work at these units; how they can share these experiences with their communities and families; and how to care for the park and enjoy it safely. The messages will be shared via multiple media platforms, including print, tv, online and in-park/in-community ranger interaction.

Stage one - Development: We will work with our partner who has extensive experience in communicating with Hispanics. We will discuss the messaging needs and how they translate culturally to Hispanic millennials.

Stage two - Production: Our partner will produce the creative print, TV and web concepts to match the agreed upon messaging.

Stage three – Urban Outreach: The media products will be distributed throughout the community.

Stage four – Youth Engagement: Rangers will conduct activities at area schools, sharing the same themes and messages. The face-to-face interaction will help personalize parks as more than places. 

Stage five – Connecting People to the Outdoors: Students will be brought out to the park on field trips to experience first-hand what the park has to offer. The trips will include a fun activity (play), an educational component (learn) and a volunteer project (serve).

Stage six – Evaluation: The park and partner will evaluate the success of the campaign.

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O. K. Adcock Elementary School