Williamsburg/James City County Public Schools - Williamsburg, VA

by Ivan Levin
Activity Type: Other
Region: Northeast

In partnership with a local school, Colonial National Historic Park will work with teachers to develop a new 4th grade educational program.

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In a newly created partnership with a local school district, Williamsburg/James City County Public Schools [WJCC], Colonial NHP will work with local teachers to develop, create and implement a new, two-part fourth grade curriculum-based, multi-disciplinary educational program that will engage students to learn through active outdoor participation. Students and teachers, led by professional kayakers and educators from Chesapeake Experience, will kayak a local waterway adjoining Jamestown Island to experience the multi-faceted aspects of the Chesapeake Bay estuary. They will conduct hands-on activities to acquire knowledge about our waterways and natural resources. In addition, participants will discover how people of the past utilized these resources for their daily existence, and how people today continue to rely on them for various needs, including recreation. The importance of everyone working together to conserve the environment for future generations will also be discussed. The second portion of the program will consist of a teacher and park ranger guided-walking tour of the Jamestown colony historic site on Jamestown Island, site of the first permanent English settlement in North America. During the walking tour students will investigate the park’s flora and fauna, learning about their use and importance in the daily lives of the 1607 Jamestown settlers, Virginia Indians, and African arrivals in 1619, as well as the mission of the National Park Service to interpret and preserve our nation’s natural and cultural treasures. Once established, this fourth grade program will be offered each school year to any teacher wanting to register their class to visit Jamestown and participate in this unique experience. The park’s long-term partnership goal with WJCC is to expand this project to encompass more grade levels, increasing student involvement with National Parks helping enhance their academic knowledge and societal responsibilities as citizens.

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D.J. Montague Elementary