Utah's Earth Connections Camp: American Indian Science and Culture

by Jeanette Matovich
Activity Type: Camping
Region: Intermountain

Campers will visit Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, paleontogy and archaeology interpretative sites and recreation areas.

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Earth Connections Camp is a one-day science and culture camp for American Indian youth in Utah. The camp takes place in Salt Lake City and Moab. Fourth grade campers are recruited through Urban Indian Center and local school districts. American Indian Elders team-teach with federal agency instructors and mentors from American Indian Science and Engineering Society. In 2016, the Earth Connections camp theme is "Immersing our Culture in STEMS (Science Engineering, Technology and Math)." The NPS will provide an intern from University of Utah Parks, Rec and Tourism to visit local schools and 4th graders to present on the Earth Connections Camp experience. Funding will be used for intern and elder stipends, food and water, camper awards, equipment and educational supplies. Campers will visit Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, paleontogy and archaeology interpretative sites, and recreation areas managed by the NPS and BLM in Moab, Utah.

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Nebo, San Juan and Grand County School Districts