Castle Hayne Elementary School - Castle Hayne, NC

by Lisa Cole
Activity Type: Other
Region: Southeast

Moores Creek National Battlefield will offer North Carolina 4th graders an opportunity to see the state's history and become Junior Rangers.

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Students have been learning about our diverse ecologically and historically significant state of North Carolina, but what better way to learn than get outside and experience it?! Moores Creek National Battlefield honors an important battle of the American Revolution, ending British rule in North Carolina and leading to North Carolina being the first colony to vote for independence. 

Visiting the park provides historical background and a chance for students to truly be part of our state's and our nation's history. 

We are seeking funds to help pay for buses that allow us to leave our county and visit Moores Creek, 20 miles north of our school. There are 100 fourth graders that would benefit from this awesome field trip to Moores Creek National Battlefield. Thanks for ANY amount you can donate to help!

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Castle Hayne Elementary School