Glenwood Springs Elementary School - Glenwood Springs. CO

by Julie Allen
Activity Type: Camping, Hiking, Stewardship, Other
Region: Intermountain

This project will provide real life fieldwork and outdoor adventure that would be otherwise inaccessible to a majority of the students.

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During the 4th grade fall expedition, students conduct an in depth study of Colorado's geographic features, the importance of Colorado's river, how they have shaped our beautiful state and the importance of conservation. We would like to provide a real life fieldwork experience and outdoor adventure that would be otherwise inaccessible as 60% of the students at Glenwood Springs Elementary School in Glenwood Springs, Colorado qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. This fieldwork will help bring Colorado's geographic features to life for 95 4th grade students with hands-on learning at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The students will engage in guided hikes with the park rangers to learn about the geology of the canyon while also exploring the diverse habitat.  This project will provide real world opportunities for learning and research outside the classroom making for more meaningful and relevant learning for our students.

This outdoor adventure at Black Canyon National Park is also a wonderful way to build relationships and trust with our 4th grade Crew while connecting with the Natural World. 

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Glenwood Springs Elementary School

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